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Events happening near by High Street Pwllheli Wales United Kingdom

Tamaid o'r cyffro - A slice of the action

Alana Spencer discusses all things sweet, from starting a business in Wales, to baking, to Sir Sugar himself!

Coleg Meirion Dwyfor
Ffordd Ty'n Coed Gwynedd

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

I DO LIKE MONDAYS! Free networking event in Pwllheli

Do you like Mondays? If you do then come along. WHO Anyone who likes what they do. Instead of getting the Monday morning blues you get the Monday morning highs. Your least favourite pop tune should be "I don't like Mondays". WHY Why not? WHERE We meet at the right hand side of the main bar. WHEN We meet every Monday of course. Get there between 7pm and 7.30pm. The night finishes whenever.... WHAT What's on? The best banter in Pwllheli, that's what's on. COST It's 100% free and always will be.  DRESS CODE Because it's an unmanned event, wear something red. When you see someone in red say “Hello!" RULES Be courteous and wear something red. That's it. ATTEND If you want to attend you have to reserve your free ticket for every attendee. AFTER THE EVENT Share your experience on social media using the hashtag #idolikemondays MORE INFO Visit EveryMonday.org and follow us on Instagram @idolikemondays

Pen Cob
Station Square Pwllheli

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 7.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Girls Golf Cymru Coaching at Nefyn Golf Club - Gwynedd

Please complete all of the fields below to confirm your place on the Girls Golf Cymru coaching course.  The six week coaching course is £25 and all bookings must be made through this site to guarantee your place(s) on the programme.  Date for the taster day is Sunday 21st July 2019. 15:00pm - 16:00pmDates of the course are Sunday 28, July. 4, 11, 18, 25, August. & 1 September from 17:00 - 18:00. You will receive your golf club and Girls Golf Cymru goody bag which includes a Girls Golf Cymru polo shirt and water bottle from the second week of the coaching course.

Nefyn golf club
Lon Groes Pwllheli

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 3.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Oboz 2019 " Monte Casino"

Oboz harcerski

LL53 7HN
Stanica Harcerska Penrhos

Sun, 28 Jul 2019 10.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Map reading for trail runners

Maps can tell us a story of journeys, they can help us plan runs and keep us going the right way whilst we're out. Reading a map well and confidently is the start of fantastic navigation skills. Description We will meet in Tafarn y Fic, Llithfaen. To begin with we'll have a look at some of detail that is actually on the map - like why some numbers are black and some are brown, and what to think about when you're looking at a map for the first time. After about an hour we'll head up on to Yr Eifl and look at the maze of paths and how you can decide which one you want to take! Over the next 3hrs we'll have a look at some of the shapes and features we can use to get about using a map. What level is this? Although this is aimed at runners - this WILL NOT be a running trip. Using a map is about seeing detail so we'll be doing this as a walk (you can practise running on your own). You should be confident that you can spend a 3 or 4 hours out walking and are prepared for any weather. We will not be covering a huge amount of ground, but as an indication it will be a maximum of 8km. Required equipment Clothing for a walk in the hills – suitable for the weather on the day, this could be a sunhat or warm, and full waterproof body cover Footwear suitable for a mountain environment A few snacks At least 500ml of water What we will provide Included in the course cost is a waterproof map of the area, and the digital download too (RRP £15). This is the OS Explorer Active - 254 - Lleyn Peninsula East - this is for you to take away afterwards. If you want a copy of the West end of the Lleyn Peninsula we can sell you this additionally (£10 on this course), let us know beforehand and we'll bring the right number. We will loan you a Silva Ranger compasses for the course - we won't use it a lot, but there are a couple of useful things about having a compass with you! Katie and Ash are both qualified mountain leaders and National Navigation Award Scheme Tutors – we also provide fully insured mountain guiding.  Please note although we love dogs, we cannot allow dogs with participants on this day.

Tafarn y Fic

Sun, 4 Aug 2019 9.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

EMRTS Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) Open Evening

Introduction to Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) applications and Fellow opporunities for junior doctors wanting to pursue a career in PHEM.  The evening will consist of a short presentation with tips for CV's/ applications, an overview of opporunities in Wales, and a tour of the facilities at the airbase.  The evening will be hosted by Dr Mark Knights (deputy base lead) and Dr Jen Dinsdale (Consultant) who underwent the PHEM training programme in Wales.  

Wales Air Ambulance
Caernarfon Airport Dinas

Thu, 22 Aug 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

RNLI Porthdinllaen Family Fun Run 2019

Eventbrite event description ~ Welsh Version Y Digwyddiad-Ras   Hwyl Rnli Porthdinllaen Beth yw’r digwyddiad   Ras hwyl 5K deuluol yw’r digwyddiad gyda’r elw'n mynd tuag at Fad Achub Porthdinllaen     Mae yna hefyd ddewis o ras 2k sy’n dilyn yr un llwybr   Bydd y ddwy ras hwyl yn cychwyn o Glwb Golff Nefyn a’r Cylch ac yn gorffenar y traeth o flaen Tafarn Tŷ Coch. Bydd medal i bob rhedwr, yn cael ei ddosbarthu yng Nghlwb Golff Nefyn a’r Cylch ar ddiwedd y digwyddiad.   Mae croeso i bawb - rhedwyr, cerddwyr, plant ifanc a cherddwyr â cwn.   Pris cystadlu   Oedolion-£10 O dan 18-£5   Am fwy o wybodaeth cysylltwch â Dave Hursthouse drwy ebostio [email protected] neu 07831232728, neu Owain Williams drwy [email protected] neu 01758720241   https://www.strava.com/routes/17243332   Dyddiad y digwyddiad? Awst y 10fed 2019   Amser y Digwyddiad? Cofrestru yng Nghlwb Golff Nefyn o 08:30 ymlaen   gyda’r ras yn dechrau am 10:30   Ble mae’r ras? Bydd y ras yn cychwyn o flaen siop y Bad Achub ym maes parcio Clwb Golff   Nefyn a’r Cylch ac yn gorffen o flaen Tafarn Ty Coch ar draeth Porthdinllaen.   Faint mae’n gostio Oedolion £10.00, plant £5.00   Sut allai gofrestru? Gallwch gofrestru ar   lein neu ar y dydd. Er mwyn cofrestru ar lein ewch i www.rnli.org/porthdinllaen-fun-run   a dilyn y dolennau ar y safle we.   Ble fyddaf yn cofrestru neu arwyddo i fewn? Dyliai rhedwyr/cerddwyr arwyddo i fewn (hyd yn oed os ydynt wedi cofrestru ar lein yn barod) yng Nghlwb Golff Nefyn a’r Cylch rhwng 08:30 a 10:20 ar   ddiwrnod y digwyddiad. Mae arwyddo i mewn yn bwysig er mwyn i’r trefnwyr gael   gwybod pwy sydd yn bwriadu cymryd rhan yn y ras. Mae’n rhaid i bawb sydd yn   cymryd rhan arwyddo'i fewn er mwyn derbyn ei rif ras cyn cychwyn ag yna   arwyddo'i fewn eto ar ddiwedd y ras i dderbyn ei medal.   Cyrraedd y llinell gychwyn? Bydd y ras yn dechrau o faes   parcio Clwb Golff Nefyn a’r Cylch, tu allan i siop y Bad Achub.   Pwy all gymryd rhan? Gall unrhyw un gymryd rhan   ond bydd yn rhaid i unrhyw un o dan 10 oed gael eu hebrwng gan riant neu   warchodwr (dros 18 oed). Os ydych o dan 18 oed, fe fydd yn   rhaid cael caniatâd rhiant neu warchodwr er mwyn cymryd rhan (Bydd angen   llofnod ar y diwrnod)   Oes angen casglu arian ar   ben y ffi gofrestru? Nid yw’n ofynol casglu arian   ar ben y ffi gofrestru ond byddai hyn yn help mawr i’r RNLI ac mae ffurflen   noddi ar gael i’r diben hyn. Gallai casglu dim ond £52 fod yn ddigon i brynu   pâr o welingtons i un o griw Bad Achub yr RNLI. Gallwch hefyd ddefnyddio   tudalen “Just Giving” www.justgiving.com/rnli neu   gyflwyno’r arian a godwyd yn Siop Bad Achub Porthdinllaen.   Gai ddod a’r ci? Mae hawl dod a chŵn ar denyn   byr.   Fydd yna le i storio fy mag? Nid oes lle i storio bagiau ond   mae’r maesydd parcio yn agos at ddechrau’r ras.   Ydy’r ras yn cal eu amseru? Na   A fydd gwobr am guro’r ras? Mae pob rhedwr/cerddwr yn   enillydd yn ein llygaid ni. Bydd medal i pawb sydd yn gorffen y ras. Bydd y   medalau yn cael ei gyflwyno Yng Nghlwb Golf Nefyn a’r Cylch.   Beth ddyliwn wisgo? Mae’n bwysig gwisgo dillad   rhedeg addas yn enwedig eisgidiau addas er mwyn rhedeg ar draws y traeth a   lonydd tarmac. Mae gwisgo gwisg ffansi yn   ddewisiol a bydd gwobr i’r wisg ffansi orau.   Oes lle parcio? Mae o llefydd parcio ar gael   am pris gostyngedig o £4 yn y Clwb Golff ac os bydd y maes parcio hwn yn llai   mae maes parcio talu ac arddangos Yr   Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol ar gael hefyd sydd a digon o le.   A fydd lluniaeth ar gael? Bydd dŵr ar gael i bob   rhedwr ar ddiwedd y ras a bydd y Clwb Golff ar agor gyda bwydlen lawn o 07:30   ymlaen.   Cysylltu am fwy o wybodaeth? Dave Hursthouse, [email protected]   07831232728 Owain Williams, [email protected] 01758   720241, 07807454095     Eventbrite event description ~ English Version Event Details ~   RNLI Porthdinllaen Family Fun Run   What is the Event? The event is a 5km (3.2 miles) fun run or walk in aid of RNLI Porthdinllaen. There is also a 2km option following the same route. Both routes start at Nefyn & District Golf Club and finish at the same place at the Ty Coch pub on Porthdinllaen beach. Everyone is welcome – runners, walkers, toddlers, dog walkers. Tickets are £10 Adults, Under 18 = £5 For more information, please contact Dave Hursthouse via email [email protected] or 07831 232728; or Owain Williams via [email protected] or call the station number 01758 720241.   Route overview ~ https://www.strava.com/routes/17243332    Date of Event? 10th August 2019 Time of Event? Registration/check in is at Nefyn and District Golf Club from 8.30am with the run starting at 10:30am   Where is the Run/Walk? The Run/Walk starts at the Lifeboat shop near next to Nefyn Golf   Club at 10:30. The run finishes at the Ty Coch pub on Porthdinllaen beach   What is the cost to enter? Adults £10.00, children £5.00   How do I register? You can register online or offline.   To register online please go to www.rnli.org/Porthdinllaen-Fun-Run   and follow the links to a secure site.   Can I register on the day? Yes,   you can register at Nefyn and District Golf Course on the day from 08:30 to   10:15, but we hope the majority of people will register before the day to   speed things up so that everyone gets to the start line on time.   Where will registration/check in take   place? Race entrants should first check in (even if they have already   registered) at Nefyn and District Golf Club from 8:30 to 10:15 on the day of   the event.   How do I get to the start line? The run will start from Nefyn Golf Club car park, outside the RNLI   shop   Is there a minimum or maximum age? There is no minimum or maximum age to take part. Anyone 10 years and under must be   accompanied by a parent or Guardian (18yrs or over). If you are under   18years, we will need confirmation from a Parent or Guardian to take part   (signature required on the day).   Do I need to raise sponsorship on top of   entry fee? Sponsorship is optional, but it would benefit the RNLI greatly if   sponsorship could be obtained and sponsorship forms are available for this   purpose on and off line. Just £52 could raise the amount needed for 1 pair of   lifeboat crew yellow wellies! You can set up an online Just Giving page at https://www.justgiving.com/rnli or   can pay in the money you raise at the Porthdinllaen Lifeboat shop. A   sponsorship form provided as an attached once entered.   Can I bring my dog? Well behaved dogs on short leads are permitted.   Will there be somewhere to store my bags? There is no provision for bag storage.   Is the race timed? No   Is there a prize for winning? All entrants are winners in our   eyes! Everyone gets a medal! What   should I wear? Please ensure that appropriate walking/running attire is worn,   especially appropriate footwear for running across the beach and trails.   Is it Fancy Dress? Fancy Dress is optional, with a prize for the best fancy dress!   Is there parking? There is discounted (£4) car parking at the Golf Club or if that is   full ample car parking at the National Trust car park on Lon Golf. Please be   aware that parking fees apply   Will refreshments be available? There will water for finishers at the finish line, and the Golf Club   will be open with a full menu available from 07:30 onwards.   Who   are the main contacts? Dave Hursthouse, [email protected]   ~ 07831 232728; Owain Williams, [email protected]   ~ Station number 01758 720241

Porthdinllaen Lifeboat Shop
Lifeboat Station , Golf Road Morfa Nefyn

Sat, 10 Aug 2019 10.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Cynefin™ Retreat: Snowdonia, Wales : November 24-28 2019

CYNEFIN RETREAT - A unique opportunity, an inspiring location! November 24-28, 2019 - Snowdonia, Wales Following in the Welsh tradition, a Cynefin retreat provides a distinct opportunity to commune with nature, as well as the rich cultural traditionof creating emergent knowledge and understanding through informed discussion and debate, competitive poetry, away from vicissitudes of the press and social media. Each retreat will be stimulated by a faculty of thought leaders, including Dave Snowden. Participating faculty for each retreat will be announced shortly. Join us 24-28 November in the stunning Snowdonia Mountains in Wales where we will immerse ourselves in a deep exploration into the Cynefin framework and Foresight.  Cynefin Retreats are residential and tickets are inclusive of accommodations, meals, and session activities.  Faculty Dr. Wendy Schulz lives in Oxford, England and is the Director of Infinite Futures: Foresight Research and Training and she has over twenty-five years of foresight practice all around the world. She has worked with bodies such as the UK Foresight Programme’s Land Use Futures Project on foresight methods and has provided emerging issues analyses and scenario explorations for the UK Health and Safety Executive, the UK Environment Agency, the Food Ethics Council, and others. She is also working with Cognitive Edge to create an innovative crowd-sourced approach to evolving scenarios. Her conference keynotes, workshops, and publications include topics as varied as innovations and the future of art; future competitiveness for urban regions; the future of transport; the future of learning and higher education; and the role of women in designing our emerging technological futures. Her writing covers not only foresight methods for public policy, but also everything from the future of space habitation to the future of philanthropy. She is a Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation; a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce; and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.  Roger Dennis consults in foresight, innovation and large scale change, helping organizations and their leadership teams learn from divergent and disparate information to address complex strategic issues. So far he has worked for telecommunications companies, publishers, banks, radio stations, government departments, and various consultancies. Based in New Zealand, he supports government bodies and companies across Asia, Europe and Australasia and has worked with public health providers in New Zealand and around the world.  In 2007 he co-led the Shell Technology Futures programme for the GameChanger team in The Hague and co-wrote and edited the book that resulted from it. Roger was also part of the core team for Future Agenda and has been guest faculty for the School of International Futures.   He is interested in weak signals from the edges that give clues about the future and the synergies between strategy, innovation capacity, and an awareness of the future. Roger is fascinated by the process of design and maintains his creativity through the reading habits of a true information omnivore.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and an Edmund Hillary Fellow. Hoping to attend more than one retreat? Or, hoping to come in a group? Drop us an email at [email protected] to inquire about special rates. Other 2019 retreats are: 19-21 March 2019 - Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland Narrative in organisations 18-22 August 2019 - Whistler, BC, Canada Decision making & perception ** SPACES ARE LIMITED ** - Please note that the all retreat venues have limited accommodations and retreats will be limited by venue capacity.   Cancellations / Refunds / Transfers 8 weeks or more prior to event: 50% refund No refunds for cancellations made 8 weeks or less prior to event; replacement attendees welcome anytime Switching to a different retreat or training event is possible any time but is dependent on availability, and may be subject to a change fee (change fees are dependent on timing of request, venue considerations, special discounts) Delegates are responsible for arranging their own travel to the designated “gathering point” or the venue itself (this may vary with each retreat and is dependent on the remoteness of the locations). Availability of transfer services will be communicated to delegates before the retreat. Full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided for attendees. For 1/2 days either at the start or end of the retreat either breakfast or dinner will only be provided. If you require special dietary requirements, please inform us when you book via this form. Food items outside of a retreat’s meal plan including alcoholic beverages are subject to additional charges payable by attendee either directly to the venue provider or Cognitive Edge.

Snowdonia Mountain Lodge
Nant Ffrancon , Bethesda Gwynedd

Sun, 24 Nov 2019 3.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Roundhouse Storytelling : In Vino Fabula - Stories of Wine, Food and Fortune

A delightful family friendly evening of delicious taste-bud tempting tales from Italy and Wales

Felin Uchaf Centre Roundhouse
Felin Uchaf Centre, Rhoshirwaun Gwynedd

Thu, 8 Aug 2019 7.30pm -
Thu, 8 Aug 2019 9.30pm

Roundhouse Storytelling : Skulls & Skirts Stirring Stories of Adventure on the High Seas

A family friendly evening of salty tales from Italy

Felin Uchaf Centre Roundhouse
Felin Uchaf Centre, Rhoshirwaun, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Gwynedd

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 7.30pm -
Sun, 11 Aug 2019 9.30pm

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