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Events happening near by Uys Street Birchleigh North Gauteng South Africa

monthly on the last Thursday for 1000000 times

Hirsch's Meadowdale Networking Breakfast

Hirsch’s Meadowdales Business Networking Breakfast is on the 27th of June at 8:30am on a thursday. Come join us at 12 Herman road for an elite networking meeting. Free of charge. RSVP to Wesley on 082 267 4167 or [email protected]

hirschs meadowdale
12 Herman Street Germiston

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 8.30am -
Thu, 25 Jul 2019 10.00am

daily until November 21, 2019

Spiritual Prayers For Lost Love Prayer Binding, Attraction Spiritual Prayers And More By Calling/Whatsapp Mama Angel +27671811476 In Johannesburg Pretoria

When my husband left me for another lady I was so hurt and I used to cry every day. Whenever I could miss him I could just close my bedroom and cry because I never wanted my kids to see me crying. It was tough times to endure the stress and at work, I could not perform well being a nurse I work with many people but I could be moody and could even lose tempers for small things my colleagues complained and I signed many warning before the matron. I tried so much to move on but it was hard I love my husband sometimes I could see him in my dreams wake up thinking he would come but nothing, I used to SMS him but no response calling him he never picked my calls and finally blocked all my numbers not even to support the kids. many times I tried to talk to his family and friends they tried their best but he had completely changed and he regarded everyone as a stranger kept a deaf ear on everyone who tried to talk to him. I resorted to sangomas and spell casters but not even at one time did I see a change. I started drinking alcohol because I couldn't handle the stress but as you all know once you are drunk you are out of stress it could be worse once the alcohol is out. I can't forget the day I came back home and our firstborn asked me where is Daddy I miss him a lot why he is no longer coming home I never gave a right answer I went in the bedroom started crying at this time. I thought a lot of bad things but again because I loved my kids I knew I had to be strong because it was my role to play as a mother. I phoned one family friend she is such a darling to me and she gave me a number of Mama Angel +27671811476 she said she had helped her two years ago I had lost all my trust in everyone but she strengthened me and gave me the go-ahead to try Mama Angel +27671811476. I thought about it with all my heart and finally decided to contact Mama I made everything known to her and she said that we had a future with my husband and we are compatible but the lady had used something on my man which had diverted his feelings away from not only me but also from the whole family. I was so angry at this point and I asked how-how was possible to get him back. mama angel assured me that I would get my happiness back in three days Before I begun the prayer with Mama Angel +27671811476 and sent her my info with that of my husband then I was given the instructions of the prayers we did together over the phone and after the fast day my husband texted me saying hi it was not a big message but I was so happy for that small massage I never replied though and after 48 hours of the prayer my husband came home I was not home by that time I was by neighbors I heard the car hooting and rushed to see who was it. He asked me to sit in the car we talked he was so romantic and he asked my forgiveness since then our lives have been progressing both in relationships and finances. I have written my story to tell everyone who may be in tears that I was like that before. If you can contact Mama Angel +27671811476 you will get help. Thank you, mama, you can contact Mama Angel +27671811476 you will get help. Thank you, mama

Johannesburg, South Africa
Gauteng Conference Centre ( New Name : The Amazing Place ) Mount Lebanon Road, Woodmead Sandton, Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa. Johannesburg

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 12.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Pulse Networking Event - Johannesburg

Join us for a fantastic evening connecting with the fastest growing network delivering optimum personal and financial growth.  DJV Success Coaching aims at connecting and training upcoming service providers in the financial markets, property investment, entrepreneurial development and life coaching spaces. Use this opportunity to connect with like minded individuals and create valuable business relationships as a support system for your financial independence. What you can expect 45 minutes of one to one networking opportunity to present yourself to a qualified audience  Connect with other like minded direct investors to learn and grow  Find new business and investment opportunities and synergies  Get the opportunity to present your business to the entire audience in 20 seconds  Win great prizes  High profile speakers on investment topics like financial markets trading, property investment and entrepreneurial development  Look forward to listening to our influential speakers sharing their knowledge on the above mentioned topics. Book your tickets now as space is limited.

Nelson Mandela Sqaure, , West Tower, Level 2 Sandton

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am


To Grab Attention | To Trigger Change |To Inspire Action. Do you want to learn how to lead, engage and inspire people to action with a proven toolkit in the Powerful Art of Storytelling? In the two-day storytelling workshop, we work with shared intentions of increasing your impact in the world through storytelling. The purpose of storytelling is not to tell you how to think, but to tell stories that make you think! Storytelling is a powerful way to connect ideas and people. This course will help you see and understand any issue from varying perspectives; it will enable you to open your mind to new perspectives and to connect with a concept or topic on a more personal level. Two-day workshop structure? The two-day storytelling workshop is an experiential and interactive workshop that engages all six human senses.  We use music, games, objects and photos to create a safe space to explore the art of telling compelling stories that shift mindsets.  This workshop consists of a wide range of stories, including fables, folktales, and true stories. They come from various parts of the world. Each presents its own style and flavour, and each teaches us some lessons. The following aspects will be covered in the two-day workshop: What is a story? How are stories told at work different from other stories? How to choose the right story for your audience? How to grab the attention of the audience with an appropriate-powerful story? How to structure a story using the Penduka framework of storytelling? How to improve your storytelling skills with safe practice sessions? Understanding the theory of change and storytelling as a change management tool. Experiencing the power of framing and reframing.   What will you learn? You will learn how to incorporate all 5 senses in telling stories so that it triggers an emotional response from your audience. You will practice the steps in the structure of telling stories. You will learn the skill on how to drive your story toward a single unforgettable point or value.   What Will You Take Away from the Course? After attending the course, you will know how to bring dry facts and figures to life when you reframe them as human experience. Your calibration skills will be awakened, and you will know just what to do when your audience is losing interest. Walk away after the course with the confidence that you will be heard, be remembered and you will know the power of telling inspiring and compelling stories.     About the Facilitator Dan Ellappa is a Business Leadership and Executive Coach and Story Teller with over 25 years of experience in bringing about transformational change within organisations.  Head of Penduka Coaching, Dan has a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership and has spearheaded countless training for global and local organisations. Dan is an Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) with the International Society of Neuro- Semantics (ISNS), a Neuro-Semantic Trainer, and Story Teller with Points of You. Costs: R6900.00 per delegate An invoice will be sent when you confirm attendance. Payment to be made no later than the 1 July 2019 to secure your seat at this workshop  

Protea Hotel by Marriott Midrand
14th Road Midrand

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 9.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Business Networking Breakfast

Hirsch’s Meadowdales Business Networking Breakfast is on the 27th of June at 8:30am on a thursday. Come join us at 12 Herman road for an elite networking meeting. Free of charge. RSVP to Wesley on 082 267 4167 or [email protected]

hirschs meadowdale
12 Herman Street Germiston

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 8.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Pulse Networking and Coaching Event for Entrepreneurs and Investors - JHB

Networking synergy and coaching event for entrepreneurs and invetsors. Get connected with like minded individuals and learn from industry leaders who have achieved massive success A networking platform and knowledge infusion for aspiring and advanced: Property investors, Entrepreneurs Investors The wealth you desire is already yours, just find the right tools to access it! What you cab expect? Social networking opportunity A brief introduction to you business Short but powerful insights from industry specialists. Who should attend? Start-up, intermediary and advanced entrepreneurs Need help establishing your business online? We got you covered! Upcoming leaders in organisations Wealth conscious individuals looking for solutions to wealth Property investors ranging from aspiring investors to established advanced property investors looking for diversification tools. Financial markets traders ranging from day traders to conservative long term investors Agenda 9:00 Welcome and networking 9:30 Talks by specialists 11:00 Tea 11:15 20 Delegates get to showcase their business and attract leads 12:00 Talks by specialists Some of the speakers Hannes Dupper (Business startup specialist) – A easy 3 step wealth plan for success! Nathi Mhlongo: (Multi million serial entrepreneur) Property joint ventures as a wealth tool Shaul Rabin: (Multi million serial entrepreneur) The power of determination as an integral part of start up business Isaac Coker: (International Business Lecturer) Leadership and organisational skills in the 21st century Lisa MArais (International NLP and life coach) - The physiology of mind consistency towards success Cost We asj a R 100 donation to cover the venue cost Pre-booking is required to help us plan Speakers: Hannes Dupper Hannes Dupper is co-founder of DJV Group and in his current role as Managing Director of DJV Group aims at managing a team of enthusiastic and skilled mentors and affiliates stimulating financial change around the world His vision is to create a platform which will facilitate financial growth for entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life Hannes has successfully completed a BCom degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Pretoria and currently working on a MBA in leadership and management from the York St Johns University in London. Has is an eager start up facilitator and have started many companies without any money. Hannes also has extensive experience in project turnaround management with great success. Shaul Rabin Mr. Rabin has been the Managing Director at Filta Enviromental Group since October of 2015 to the present day. Formerly, acting as Aquazania’s Sales Director for a formidable 14 years. He is an absolute strategic visionary. Anchoring his strategies in the understanding of consumers’ wants and needs. Mr. Rabin successfully made Mr Delivery Midrand the most successful branch in 1999. In the 25 years of business, he has undoubtable mastered many Professional skills. He is masterful in solving complex problems and making decisions quick and effectively. Managing and delegating tasks at a high level of business.  As a Managing Director his communication and negotiation skills are at expert level. He successfully focussed business towards growth, profits and increasing shareholder return on investment. Nathi Mhlongo Nathi holds a BCom – Information Systems degree from the University of KZN, formally known as University of Durban Westville. He has done numerous self-development courses in his career ranging from Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Systems Engineering amongst many. He has also attended a number of key leadership conferences around the world including the infamous Goldman Sachs Global Leaders program for which he later became its South African Ambassador. Nathi is currently the Managing Director of Striabo Engineering Solutions – an Electrical Engineering company delivering both Consulting and Infrastructure services. He boasts over a decade long Management Consulting experience in one of the leading global consulting firms where he crafted and delivered large scale Enterprise Resource Planning systems. His consulting experience spans across multiple industries from Mining, Provincial and Local Government, Postal Services and Energy. Apart from this Nathi holds and manages a portfolio of rental properties across Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN provinces.

Leeuwkop Rd , Sunninghill Sandton

Sat, 27 Jul 2019 9.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Nova Pioneer Campus Experience - Midrand

Nova Pioneer is a growing network of enquiry based independent schools that are developing generations of innovators and leaders who will shape the African century We established Nova Pioneer because we believe education should prepare young people to create their future, not just work in it. Nova Pioneer is a launchpad where ambitious young Africans can begin to shape a better future for the continent and the world. Come and experience how we develop leaders and innovators at our Campus Experience, where you will get the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the Nova Pioneer way!

Nova Pioneer Midrand
32 Matuka Close , Halfway Gardens Midrand

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 8.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

FXCM Forex & Crypto Trading Workshop

Join us and gain trading insight and knowledge that aims to be absolutely practical and usable.

114 West Street , #6th Floor Sandton

Thu, 25 Jul 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

daily until July 31, 2019

The Global Trade Show

The Global Trade Show of Networking and Match-Making South Africa (GTS 2019)- is an international business and trade show, incorporating 4 co-located shows: Tools & Build Show (TBS) - focusing on tools, hardware and building supplies; Household & Appliances Show (HAS) - focusing on housewares, home appliances and furniture; Smart Electronics & Security Show (SES) - focusing on smart electronics and security products, as well as the Food & Beverage Show (FBS) - focusing on food & beverage products.

Gallagher Convention Centre
19 Richards Drive Midrand

Mon, 29 Jul 2019 10.00am -
Mon, 29 Jul 2019 5.00pm

Steps to Launching Your Online Store

Selling direct online increases your reach. With an online store, your profits are no longer limited by the number of customers that can physically visit your brick and mortar location. You can sell across towns, states, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations. Your online store also allows you to cater to shoppers who find it more convenient to browse and buy at times when retail locations are not traditionally open. Online shopping can save time for both the buyer and retailer, reducing phone calls about availability, specifications, hours of operation or other information easily found on company and product pages. An e-commerce system provides real-time data and analytics about your products and your customers. You can see how people interact with the site, what products interest them, what they left in their cart and how much the average purchase was. Valuable metrics that allow you to make adjustments to meet your customer’s needs. Join us as we uncover this subject alongside Warrick Kernes. Warrick is a serial entrepreneur with 11 years eCommerce experience in South Africa and Europe. Winner of London’s 2009 Young Businessman of the Year Award. Founder of the SA award-winning online store Action Gear (founded 2010, exited 2018), which turned over R21million in 2018. He is also a guest lecturer on eCommerce at WITS Business School to MBA students and he has also talked on eCommerce for JP Morgan (S&P 500). Warrick sits on the Education Committee for the eCommerce Forum Africa and is also a regular contributing writer for the SA Entrepreneur Magazine. In 2017 Warrick founded the Insaka eCommerce Academy and is now dedicated to growing SA’s eCommerce industry through these online learning courses and the Insaka Community.

Workshop17 West Street
138 West Street Sandton

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 1.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

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