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Events happening near by Nursery Lane Baddeley Green England United Kingdom

on various days

Stoke On Trent: The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy [FREE ONLINE B2B SALES TRAINING]

PLEASE REGISTER HERE FREE B2B SALES TRAINING For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives or Sales Professionals who are frustrated by achieving business growth with limited resources and budget. Here's what you'll learn in this free training: Step 1: Benchmark Test We'll take a quick benchmark test to see how good you are at selling your customers what they really want to buy so you don't make the mistake of selling people something they don't want to buy! It will also reveal why it is so important to understand exactly what YOUR customer is buying before you ever start to pitch them anything. Step 2: The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy The Science behind why people REALLY buy YOUR product from YOU (I'm getting extra nerdy on this one) - The one thing the best salespeople know that you can steal to make more sales instantly. We'll combine physics, sales psychology and emotional intelligence to uncover the REAL reason people buy. Learning this ONE thing brought me from $0 to over $100 M in sales. Step 3: Step-by-Step Implementation Workshop The Step-by-Step implementation so you can apply this concept to your business to start closing more sales right now. I'll show you exactly how to apply this concept to your product or service so you walk away with an actual plan to implement this concept into your marketing and sales messaging. PLEASE REGISTER HERE PLEASE REGISTER HERE

Stoke-on-Trent, GB
10 Foundary Street Stoke on Trent Stoke-on-Trent

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 2.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Copy of Networking Event - Property & Construction

Referral Networking Event - Property & Construction Industry - Promoting the skills, talents, and passion of property and construction businesses in the region.

Quality Hotel Stoke City Centre
66 Trinity Street Stoke

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 7.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Ford Green Hall Ghost Hunt, Stoke-on-Trent with Haunted Houses Events

Ford Green Hall Ghost Hunt - with Haunted Houses Events  Running Time: 08:00pm - 12:00am (4 hours) Where: Ford Green Road, Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 1NG Welcome to Ford Green Hall - Haunted Houses Events EXCLUSIVE venue in Stoke. Built in 1624, This beautiful building by day makes for an eerie experience by night, Ford Green Hall has all the right elements to not only look like, but to be a creepy old haunted house. Your ghost hunt at Ford Green Hall will see you exploring all areas of the building made available to us. You will be able to experience glass divination, table tipping and a group human pendulum experiment. Plus, for those comfortable enough – Ouija boards will also be on hand for you to use – all to aid your communication with the dead. Also, you will have a whole host of the most up-to-date ghost hunting gadgets to use whilst you carry out your ghost hunt. Taking part in spirit call-outs and wait to see what happens in the silence that follows. Haunted Houses likes to work in small teams to give you the very best experience possible. For the very brave lone vigils (ghost hunting in a room all alone) are very popular and plenty of opportunities to do so will be given. About your Ford Green Hall ghost hunt: Ghost hunting in small, personal groups An introduction to ghost hunting techniques and equipment for first timers Psychic and scientific experiments throughout the night A Psychic medium on hand to give guidance on most ghost hunts (when available) Lone vigils in the dark for the very brave Full use of our equipment Friendly, energetic and professional hosts Please note: Refreshments are not provided by Haunted Houses on this event, and can be purchased for a small fee from the onsite café (at venue's request) Ford Green Hall has no sleeping facilities This location has a private car park to the side of the building This location is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues All attendees must be 18 years or older Not suitable for expecting mothers This is a very dark location, all attendees must bring a torch with them All attendees are expected to wear sensible shoes and warm layered clothing

Ford Green Hall
375B Ford Green Road Stoke

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 8.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Stoke on Trent FOREX & Bitcoin Trading Workshop For Beginners - Dr JAV

Currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and business. The foreign exchange market – Forex – is the go to place for trading currencies. To make the world go round, Forex is an absolute must. Put simply we can’t live without it.  This is why the Forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. It dwarfs other markets in size, even the stock market, with an average traded value of around $2,000 billion a day. This is HUGE, trust me! The great thing about Forex is that trading occurs electronically, hence making it accessible to anyone and everyone. The Forex Pie is so big that profiting from even a tiny fraction has allowed many people to not only give up their 9-to-5’s but become financially free.  Add to this the cryptocurrency market, and you’ll be stunned by the amount of transactions occurring every second of the day.  Did you know that if you’d bought $5 of Bitcoin 7 years ago, Today you’d be sitting on an absolute fortune of $4.4million?!  Bitcoin is expected to hit $100,000 in a couple of years and NOW is the best time to start investing in this cryptocurrency. We use an innovative system that hedges against risk and can be used for other cryptocurrencies such as Etherium and Dash too.  In this workshop, we will share our system with you and show you how we are successfully trading Forex and/or Bitcoins to achieve profits not that dissimilar to FTSE 100 Managing Director salaries, but with the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere in the world, on our phones.  Whether you only need an extra £200-£500/month or an equally achievable £10,000/month, we will share our plan with you and show you exactly how we are doing it.  Keep an open mind and follow our 3-step process and you will share similar successes to what we are seeing daily. If you are able to follow simple instructions, then you can do this.  If you’re new to Forex and/or Bitcoin, this is the event for you. If you’ve traded before and now want to learn how to do it properly with minimum investment you need to come too.  We are in the midst of the biggest financial revolution that you are likely to see in your entire lifetime. You’ve already made the right choice by visiting this page. We can help you turn your decision into reality and show you how to ride the Forex & Cryptocurrency wave with us.  You must book via this page to attend. Our events fill up very fast, so you need to be quick. We look forward to seeing you at the Stoke on Trent FOREX & Bitcoin Trading Workshop  For Beginners.  Please ask for Dr JAV on arrival.

Best Western Plus Stoke on Trent City Centre Moat House
Etruria Hall , Festival Way Stoke

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 7.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

I DO LIKE MONDAYS! Free networking event in Stone

Do you like Mondays? If you do then come along. WHO Anyone who likes what they do. Instead of getting the Monday morning blues you get the Monday morning highs. Your least favourite pop tune should be "I don't like Mondays". WHY Why not? WHERE We meet at the right hand side of the main bar. WHEN We meet every Monday of course. Get there between 7pm and 7.30pm. The night finishes whenever.... WHAT What's on? The best banter in Stone, that's what's on. COST It's 100% free and always will be.  DRESS CODE Wear something red. When you see someone in red say "Hello!" RULES Be courteous and wear something red. That's it. ATTEND If you want to attend you have to reserve your free ticket for every attendee. AFTER THE EVENT Share your experience on social media using the hashtag #idolikemondays MORE INFO Visit EveryMonday.org and follow us on Instagram @idolikemondays

The Poste of Stone
1 Granville Square Stone

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 7.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Monday Night Quiz Night

Monday Night Is Quiz Night!! A Popular Weekly Quiz Hosted By Your Quizmaster Bernie Conroy. Varied Rounds - General Knowledge, Specialist Rounds, Picture Rounds, Music and Plenty Of Fun -  With Play Your Cards Right for Jackpot Rolling Cash Builder and Cash Card At The Interval. £1.50 per Person Entry - No (Sensible) Limits To Team Member Numbers - Cash Payouts For Winners (And Runners Up) Excellent Location, Cheap Drinks and a Welcoming Fun Atmosphere for A Relaxed and Entertaining Quiz Night. Come Along - Test Those Grey Matter Cells and Maybe Win Some Money - But Above All - Socialise And Have Some Fun!!!

Wolstanton Social Club
Pitgreen Lane , Wolstanton Newcastle under Lyme

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 8.30pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

4N Macclisfield Business networking - Business networking in Macclesfield

Looking for new business and contacts? Come along and check out 4Networking Cheadle Breakfast! We're a friendly networking group that meets every other Wednesday at Toby Carvery Legh Arms in Adlington. Each meeting provides plenty of opportunity to meet other local business owners and employees. As well as open networking there’s a 40 seconds introduction round, an informative speaker and three ten-minute 1-2-1 appointments’ with other attendees. Our events are 50% Business 50% Social – and it works! Our meeting runs from 8am to 10am. Join us for a delicious breakfast and use the opportunity to get the word out about your business. Meetings are held every fortnight so if you can't make it to this one there are plenty more to choose from. Please note that the event costs £15 (including VAT) to attend. This is payable in cash on arrival. Register your details for a ticket to show your interest. Our team will be in touch to book you on to the event and to answer any questions you may have. Registering does not commit you to attending. More information can be found on the 4Networking website.

Toby Carvery - Legh Arms
London Road , Adlington Macclesfield

Wed, 31 Jul 2019 8.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Rejected Presents - DJ Matta & Open Decks Session

The Basement Club
13-15 Marsh Street South, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 Stoke

Fri, 19 Jul 2019 8.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Amazing Day | Congleton Choral Society

Congleton Choral Society presents music by three popular contemporary composers, John Brunning, Bob Chilcott and John Rutter. John Brunning, well-known as a presenter on Classic FM, the UK's biggest classical music station, will be present at the concert. He will introduce his uplifting composition Amazing Day, his largest scale work to date. We look forward to welcoming John, and also virtuoso pianist Dominic John and soprano Charlotte Laidlaw.

Congleton Town Hall
High Street Havannah

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 7.30am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Laugh out Loud Comedy Night - Stoke

Regent Theatre
Piccadilly Stoke-on-Trent

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 8.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

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