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Events happening near by SE 135 Ave Florida USA

Eyes Set to Kill Tickets (18+ Event)

O'Malley's Alley
24 Southeast Magnolia Exd Ocala

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Greg Pando

The Mojo Grill
4496 Southeast 100 Place Road Belleview

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 7.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Woman2Woman Just Keeping It Real Retreat 2019

If you would like to attend an encouraging, inspiring event and enjoy fellowship with other women, then our Woman2Woman Just Keeping It Real Retreat 2019 is for you!!!  Our retreat will be held October 11th - 13th, 2019 at Glorious Hope Christian Life Center in the beautiful Horse Capital of the World, Ocala, Florida.  It is a fabulous 2 day conference for women of all ages to grow and fellowship with one another. This time away allows us to join together and go deeper into God’s word and allows us more time to experience greater fellowship. REGISTRATION FEE - $35 NON-REFUNDABLE.  EARLY REGISTRATION FEES LISTED ABOVE ENDS 07/01/2019  AFTER 07/01/2019 IT'S $65.00. Registration include Saturday Night Banquet FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE HOST @ (352) 816-0775 or email [email protected] 

Glorious Hope Christian Life Center

Fri, 11 Oct 2019 1.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Certified Lash and Brow Class

Are you ready to take the next step into your financial stability?  Are you ready to advance up to $60+ thousand a year? If you said YES to both questions; well this class is for you! Enticing Lashes & Beauty Basic Classic Eyelash Extensions Certificate Course One Day Class is perfect for becoming entrepreneurs who wants to learn a new skill and gain more income. Through professional instruction and hands-on learning, students attending Enticing Lashes and Beauty one-day Basic Classic Eyelash Extension Course will learn everything needed to know to start their own lash extension practice or grow their business. Also included with this course is learning the perfect eyebrow arching and fill-in, your own personal kits to start lashing and browing, your curriculum, a diploma and certification to start your business, also a grad bracelet of completion. FREE FOOD AND DRINKS! Seats are very limited so please sign up now. *Private classes are also available*   One Day Workshop - Typical Class Agenda Duration• What are Eyelash Extensions- key characteristics of core products: -Ice breaker :)  -State laws; rules and regulations • Eyelash Biology Basics- what you need to know and why• The 4 Levels of Decontamination- most common mistakes• The Client Consultation- assessing who is a good candidate, who is not, and the importance of obtaining client’s informed consent• Basic Principles of Lash Design Approx-(1.5-2 hours) Bonus: Eyebrow shape, fill and design!!! -Hands on skill building with Enticing Lashes and Beauty teaching method and tricks by Mrs.Tiffany Hamilton Approx-(1.5 hours) -Lunch (Complimentary) Approx-(30 minutes) -Demonstration Approx-(45 minutes) -How to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions Approx-(15 minutes) -Hands-On Time with models/Performance evaluation for Certification Approx-(2.5 hours) -Instructor Evaluations- Students open floor for questions- Station clean up Approx-(30 minutes) -Graduation: Passing out of the diplomas, certifications and grad bracelet.   FAQs  What can I bring to the class? Please bring a pen and note pad to take notes.  What's the refund policy Tickets are Non-refundable   Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? No. Certifications will need to match the name on the ticket.   **Please no smoking**

5912 SE Abshier Blvd Belleview

Sun, 21 Jul 2019 11.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days


Make your VBS the mane event! This epic African adventure engages the whole herd. At Roar, kids explore God’s goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. Come have a "ROAR" good time at VBS!!! Don't normally attend our church?! That's okay!! Everyone is welcome! Ages 6 years old to 12th Grade! Have questions? Call us (352-693-4557), or email us [email protected] with the subject line: VBS. Come at VBS will start at 6:30 pm!!! Stay for an evening of fun, music, games, crafts, and snacks! Its sure to be an event you will not soon forget!! FREE!!! For registration: www.vbspro.events/p/f00389

805 Oak Road Ocala

Mon, 15 Jul 2019 6.30pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

on various days

Tableau Training & Certification in Ocala, FL

Key Features: 30 Hours Instructor-led Sessions Real-life Case Studies 20 Hours Assignments Lifetime Access 24 x 7 Expert Support Certification About The Course: Trainerkart’s Data Visualization using Tableau 10 Certification Training will make you an expert to utilize Tableau to create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards. Learn about Data blending, Charts, Graphs, LOD expressions, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Reader, and integrate Tableau with R. Who Should Apply? This Tableau training is designed for: Analytics professionals, IT developers and testers Data analysts, Data scientists BI and reporting professionals Project managers Professionals aspiring for a career in the growing and demanding fields of real-time big data analytics Business users and students who want to develop a set of core Tableau Desktop proficiency Professionals planning to take the Tableau certification exam. What Will You Learn? Introduction to Data Visualization Goal: Give a brief idea of data visualization and introduce Tableau 10   Objectives: Identify the prerequisites, goal, objectives, methodology, material, and agenda for the course Discuss the basic of Data Visualization Get a brief idea about Tableau, establish connection with the dataset, perform Joins operation on the data set Topics: Data Visualization Introducing Tableau 10.0 Establishing Connection Joins and Union Data Blending Hands On: Establishing connection with the files, Introducing important UI components (ShowMe, Fit Axes) Perform Cross Joins between the dataset Visual Analytics Goal:  Learn to manage your dataset and analyze things visually with the help of Marks Card and “highlighting” feature. Objectives: Manage extracts and metadata (by creating hierarchy and folders) Describe what is Visual Analytics, why to use it, and it’s various scopes Explain aggregating and disaggregating data and how to implement data granularity using marks card on aggregated data Describe what is highlighting, with the help of a use-case Illustrate basic graphs including bar graph, line graph, pie chart, dual axis graph, and area graph with dual axis Topics: Managing Extracts Managing Metadata Visual Analytics Data Granularity using Marks Card Highlighting Introduction to basic graphs Hands On: Creating Extracts, Hierarchy, Folders All the features of Marks Card Shelve with use case provided Power of Highlighting in the visualization using the Use-case How to create basic graphs in Tableau10.x Visual Analytics in depth I Goal:  This module presents to you the granular content of Visual analytics, covering various techniques to perform sorting, filtering and grouping on the dataset. Objectives: Perform sorting techniques including quicksort, using measures, using header and legend, and sorting using pill with the help of a use case.   Master yourself into various filtering techniques such as Parametrized filtering, Quick Filter, Context Filter. Learn about various filtering option available with the help of use case and different scenarios. Illustrate grouping using data-window, visual grouping, and Calculated Grouping (Static and Dynamic). Illustrate some more graphical visualization including Heat Map, Circle Plot, Scatter Plot, and Tree Maps. Topics: Sorting. Filtering. Grouping Graphical Visualization Hands On: Quick Sort, Sorting using measure, Sorting using header and legends, sorting using pill (use-case). Filtering Use cases covering different options (General, Wildcard, Conditional). Interactive Filter, Quick Filter, Context Filter. Grouping using Data Window, Visual Grouping, Calculated Grouping (Static and dynamic). Visual Analytics in depth II Goal: This module presents to you Visual analytics in a more granular manner thereby letting you to dive deep into the content. It covers various advanced techniques of analyzing data including, forecasting, trend lines, reference lines, clustering, parameterized concepts, and creating sets. Objectives: Explain the basic concepts of sets followed by Creating sets using Marks Card, computation sets and combined sets Describe the concepts of forecasting with the help of Forecasting problem as a use-case Discuss the basic concept of clustering in Tableau Add Trend lines and reference line to your visualization Discuss about Parameter in depth using Sets and Filter Topics: Sets Forecasting Clustering Trend Lines. Reference Lines. Parameters Hands On: Create sets using marks card, Computation sets, and Combined sets Forecasting using Precise Range Methods of clustering Adding trend line and reference line (along with various options available for them) Parameter using sets and filter Dashboard and Stories Goal: Learn all about Dashboards and Stories in Tableau. Objectives: Describe the basic concepts of Dashboard and its UI. Build a dashboard by adding sheets and object into it Modify the view and layout. Edit your dashboard, how it should appear on phones or tablets. Create an interactive dashboard using actions (filter, highlighting, URL). Create stories for your Visualization and Dashboards. Topics: Introduction to Dashboard. Creating a Dashboard Layout. Designing Dashboard for Devices. Dashboard Interaction – Using Action. Introduction to Story Point. Hands On: Creating Dashboard and learning its UI component. Changing the layout of the dashboard. Using Device Designer to create dashboard for devices. Create an interactive dashboard using actions (Filter, Highlight, URL). Creating story with dashboard. Mapping Goal: This module helps you in understanding mapping in detail, editing unrecognized and ambiguous location, and creating customized geocoding. Learn about polygon map and Web Mapping Service, and finally add background images with self-generated coordinates. Objectives: Map the coordinates on the map, plot geographic data, and use layered view to get the street view of the area. Edit the ambiguous and unrecognized location plotted on the map. Customize territory in a polygon map. Connect to the WMS Server, use a WMS background map and saving it. Add a background image and generate its coordinate and plot the points. Topics: Introduction to Maps. Editing Unrecognized Locations. Custom Geocoding. Polygon Maps. Web Mapping Services. Background Images. Hands On: Plot the coordinate points on the map, plotting the geographic data, Street View using the layered view. Editing Unrecognized and ambiguous location Custom Geocoding. Creating a custom territory, building a polygon map. Establishing connection with the WMS Server a WMS background map and saving it. Adding a background image and generate coordinates and finally plotting points. Calculation Goal: This module will help you in creating basic calculations including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, date math, logic statements and quick table calculations. Along with this you will be also introduced to LOD expressions with the help of use cases. Objectives: Perform Calculations using various types of functions such as Number, String, Date, Logical, and Aggregate. In addition, you will get to know about Quick Table Calculation. Cover the following LOD expressions – Fixed, Included, and Excluded. Topics: Introduction to Calculation: Number Functions, String Functions, Date Functions, Logical Functions, Aggregate Functions. Introduction to Table Calculation. Introduction to LOD expression : Fixed LOD , Included LOD, Excluded LOD Hands On: All Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical, Aggregate) Table Calculation. LOD expressions. LOD Problem Sets & Hands on Goal: This module will explain the scenarios where you can implement LOD expressions. This is showcased with the help of set of problems. Objectives: Tackle complex scenarios by using LOD expressions. Hands On: Use Case I – Count Customer by Order. Use Case II – Profit per Business Day. Use Case III – Comparative Sales. Use Case IV – Profit Vs. Target Use Case V – Finding the second order date. Use Case VI – Cohort Analysis Charts Goal: Plot various types of Charts using Tableau 10 and have extensive hands-on on industry use cases. Topics: Box and Whisker’s Plots Gantt Charts Waterfall Charts Pareto Charts Control Charts Funnel Charts Hands On: Extensive hands-on on the above topics Integrating Tableau with R and Hadoop Goal: This module introduces you to the concept of Big Data, Hadoop, and R. You discuss the integration between Tableau and R and finally publish your workbook on Tableau Server. Objectives: You will know the basics of Big Data, Hadoop, and R. You will discuss the integration between Hadoop and R and will integrate R with Tableau. In addition, you will get to publish your workbook on Tableau Server. Topics: Introduction to Big Data Introduction to Hadoop Introduction to R Integration among R and Hadoop Calculating measure using R Integrating Tableau with R Integrated Visualization using Tableau Hands On: Installing Rserve package in R Integrating Tableau and R Publishing your workbook on Tableau Server. Benefits of Tableau Training Course: Verizon, Facebook, Dell, General Motors, KPMG, Bank of America & other 35,000 MNCs worldwide use Tableau across industries Average salary of a Tableau professional is $100,000 ( Indeed.com ) Tableau is a Leader in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms ( 5th Consecutive Year ) Why Trainerkart Learning Solution? Trainerkart's training is the best and value for time & money invested. We stand out because our customers- Get trained at the best price compared to other training providers. Get trained by the best trainer in the industry. Get accesses to course specific learning videos. Get 100% Money back guarantee*. Training Fee: Standard Fee: Booking within 30 days of training but 10 days prior to the start date. For more details please contact us.  

Business Hotel
3600 Southwest 36th Avenue Ocala

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 9.00am -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

(FREE) Millionaire Success Habits revealed in Ocala by Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is sending his Millionaire Success Habits to Ocala, and right now tickets are FREE! Join us at this fun, relaxed and informative Conference that can give you a new way to think about making money like never before. Dean's Millionaire Success Habits have helped lead him to a New York Times best-selling book and a life of financial prosperity. This event is all about helping you succeed! Dean's team will be teaching how locals in Ocala and surrounding cities can develop and use the proven Millionaire Success Habits! The #1 reason most people don't get what they really want in life is because they focus so much of their thoughts and their mental energy on what they DON'T want. In reality, the real key to success is to focus on what you actually DO really WANT. So...are you 100% clear on what YOU really want? Obviously, to get from where you are to where you want to go, you need a strategy.... that's where most people and most plans fall apart. They don't know what first action to take. They never learned how. They don't have the knowledge, skills, and a step-by-step system with which to create and build that life. The first mistake they make is simply not focusing on the things they truly want, and the negative thoughts just continue to sabotage their success... You see, I came from humble beginnings. Yet over time, I have gone on (with much trial and error) to create financial freedom for myself and my family... Something I've learned is that the biggest key success principle is not focusing on where you DON'T want to go, but rather, focusing on where you WANT to go!...… Look past your negative thoughts, your doubts and the problems holding you back! Instead, envision where you see yourself in one year, or maybe even in five years.... I want to help you get there. I'm Dean Graziosi and I want to give you a ticket to attend MY NEW EVENT, “How People Can Profit From the Millionaire Success Habits”. At this event, you'll learn dozens of simple-to-understand strategies-- the strategies shared by the most successful people on the planet. I WANT YOU TO ATTEND FOR FREE! The key is forming successful habits. Something I cover to a great extent in my new book (Which everyone who attends will receive a copy of). Another big key to becoming successful is that you must BELIEVE you can – and sometimes developing this belief is the hardest obstacle to overcome. We’ll be covering that too! If you’d like to avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and learn from my 40+ years of experience and see the exact habits I’ve developed that have enabled me to become successful – habits that I promise can work for you too – then click the link and get your FREE tickets to my event today

Hilton Ocala
3600 Southwest 36th Avenue Ocala

Tue, 16 Jul 2019 6.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

monthly on the 3rd Thursday until July 19, 2021

The Private Practice Mixer

In today’s tumultuous healthcare environment, private medical practices and physicians are struggling to stay afloat while remaining independent. Join us to learn the various ways in which private medical practices can earn additional revenue by implementing and offering new services that are beneficial to their patients. Register at www.themedmixer.com.

Chefs of Napoli IV
5400 SW College Rd Ocala

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 7.00pm -
Thu, 18 Jul 2019 9.00pm

Oh Sleeper & Famous Last Words

Raw Hyde Live
718 South Pine Avenue Ocala

Sat, 20 Jul 2019 5.00pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

Wine & Design - Spanish Springs

Join us for a fun evening at our Wine & Design event! Our events are hosted in our KC Café & Wine Bar by our own Design Studio team. We will cover various design topics, which will change every month. This month's topic: Refresh & Renew: How to Update Your Style Anyone who shops the showroom during event time will also be eligible for the discounts. Please see your sales associate for more details.

Spanish Springs | City Furniture
1070 Bichara Blvd Lady Lake

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 5.30pm -
Thu, 1 Jan 1970 1.00am

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