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3rd Mango Tree Avenue Asylum Down
6th Rangoon Close Ringway Estates
1st Rangoon Close Kanda Estates
North Ridge
Rangoon Lane Ringway Estates
Ringway Estates
Ridge Lane Asylum Down
Sunyani avenue Kanda Estates
Dr. Isert Road North Ridge
1st Ringway Ringway Estates
Osu Avenue Extension Kanda Estates
Ring Road East Ringway Estates
Independence Avenue Ringway Estates
Tabon Street North Ridge
Switchback Road Kanda Estates
Nima Avenue North Ridge
Josif Broz Tito Avenue Ringway Estates
Kade Avenue Kanda Estates
Independence Avenue Kanda Estates
2nd Ridge Link Asylum Down
Ringway Link Ringway Estates
8th Avenue Extension North Ridge
Ridge Link North Ridge
Osu Avenue Extension Ringway Estates
Asylum Down
8th Rangoon Close Ringway Estates
5th Crescent Asylum Down
Ring Road East North Ridge
Independence Avenue North Ridge
Nima Highway Nima
Myohaung Street Ringway Estates
Ablade Road Kanda Estates
Nima Road Nima
Kanda Highway Asylum Down
4th Ridge Link North Ridge
Mozambique Street North Ridge
Jawaharlal Nehru Road Kanda Estates
11th Road Ringway Estates
Osu Avenue Ringway Estates
Tumu Avenue Kanda Estates
5th North Ridge Close North Ridge
7th Avenue Extension North Ridge
Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue Ringway Estates
Kanda Estates
5th Avenue Extension Ringway Estates
Ako Adjei Interchange Ringway Estates
Nima Road Asylum Down
2nd Ringway Ringway Estates
Kanda Highway Nima
North Ridge Crescent North Ridge

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